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Summit 2014
March 21 & 22, Nashville, TN

Student Laptops in the Entertainment Management Classroom: A Follow-up to the 2012 Pilot Study
Armen Shaomian, Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina

Reflections on the Music Industrial Complex: Toward a Model of Grassroots Production and Marketing
Shawn David Young, Assistant Professor of Music, Clayton State University

Teaching the Music Products Industry in a Collegiate Music Business Curriculum.
Carl Anderson, Affiliate Instructor of Music Business, Bradley University

Are You Ready For Some Football Ads? A Content Analysis of Popular Music in Super Bowl Commercials 2003-2013
David Allan, Professor and Chair, Marketing, Saint Joseph’s University

Graduated Responses to Online Piracy: Approaches Taken in the United States and Around the World
Serona Elton, Associate Professor and Chair, Music Media & Industry Department, University of Miami

Like X but with (wh)Y: Purpose Driven Marketing for Artists and Labels
George Howard, Associate Professor, Music Business/Management, Berklee College of Music

Songs You Should Know: Essential Audio Recordings for Students as Identified by Industry Experts
Doug Bielmeier, Assistant Professor/Graduate Faculty in Audio Production, Department of Recording Industry, Middle Tennessee State University; Ian Z. Anderson, Assistant Professor, Creative Media & Entertainment, Butler University

“Name It, Claim It; Tag It; Bag It” : Towards a Model of Competency Based Music Industry Education
Joe Miglio, Associate Professor, Music Business/Management, Berklee College of Music

Developing Information Literacy Skills for Music Industry Leaders
Keith Hatschek, Director, Music Management Program, University of the Pacific
Veronica A. Wells, Information Services Coordinator/Music Librarian, University of the Pacific

Beats Music: A New Subscription Streaming Service Business Model Takes the Stage
Courtney C. Blankenship, Assistant Professor of Music, Director of Music Business, Western Illinois University

The Jazz Jam Session: A Historical and Analytical Perspective on the Creative Process
Monika Herzig, Senior Lecturer, Arts Management, Indiana University

What’s Wrong With Making Music for…Money? Cultural and Business Implications of the Jazz “Purist” vs. The Perception of the “Sellout” in the Business of Jazz
Cheryl Slay Carr, Associate Professor, Belmont University

Pre-1972 Sound Recordings: Rights and Ownership in Limbo
Don Gorder, Chair, Music Business/Management Department, Berklee College of Music

Get Classy: Comparing the Massive Marketing of Anchorman 2 to the Non-Marketing of Beyonce's Beyonce Album
David Philp, Assistant Professor of Music Management & Popular Music Studies, William Paterson University

Color-blind Harmony: From Fear to Funk, Race and Music in the Turbulent Sixties and Seventies in Muscle Shoals, Alabama
Robert Garfrerick, Professor and Eminent Scholar in Entertainment Industry, University of North Alabama; Janna Malone, Instructor of Entertainment Industry, University of North Alabama

Concert Promotion Centralization and the Artist Management Response: 1990s-2010s
Patrick Preston, Department Chair – Entertainment Management, Bay State College; Jess White, Assistant Professor – Entertainment Management, Bay State College

State of the Ol’ North – An empirical update and discussion about the recent development of the Swedish Music Industry
Henric Lindström, Head of Music & Event Management, Linnaeus University School of Business & Economics

Teaching Hip-Hop Production Skills in Songwriting Classes
Robert Willey, Director, Music Media Production and Industry, Ball State University

Coping With Narcissism: Causes, Effect, and Solutions for the Artist Manager
Paul Linden, Associate Professor & Sequence Head, Recording Industry Program, The University of Southern Mississippi

From Little Gerhard to Spotify – the history of popular music in Sweden and its impact on the music industry
Jonas Bjälesjö, Head of Music & Event Management Programme, Linnaeus University, School of Business & Economics/Campus Hultsfred

A Comparison Study: A Tablet Based Recording System and A Professional Studio Recording
Timothy L. Channell, Director, Music Business Program, Radford University

Creating Balanced Assessment Models for a Skill-Based Music Technology Course
Rick Hall, Adjunct Assistant Professor, The University of the Arts and Community College of Philadelphia

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