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Journal of the Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association

Volume 18, Number 1 (2018)

Mapping Music Cities: A Case Study of the Musical Landscape of San Antonio

Stan Renard

University of Texas at San Antonio


The live music sector represents the core of the activities generating revenue for many musicians, an incubator for assessing audience tastes, and a cultural staple for each community. Because of the significance of this industry’s span, many cities around the world have committed resources to conduct studies to reveal the value and impact of their live music sector. Assessing an impact study for the live music economy has been the focus of consulting groups such as Music Canada as well as funding partners, cultural and economic development councils, and guilds in cities, states, or countries. However, mapping the scale and scope of a musical landscape and related businesses is rarely if ever conducted as part of such studies. Thus, the author provides a mapping framework contributing to the academic literature and presents a new option for organizations and focus groups dedicated to assessing the impact of the ever-growing live music sector and industry. Location intelligence, which is also known as geographic information system (GIS) is used here to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present music-centric geographic data in a case study mapping the musical landscape of San Antonio.

Keywords: music cities, GIS, mapping music, musical cultural assets, location intelligence, mapping framework, San Antonio, economic impact studies

Renard, Stan. “Mapping Music Cities: A Case Study of the Musical Landscape of San Antonio." Journal of the Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association 18, no. 1 (2018): 145-172.  https://doi.org/10.25101/18.5

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