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Friday, April 1, 2011
MEIEA General Meeting
Sheraton Universal Hotel, Universal City, CA

Present:  Wujcik, Ashbourne, Price Alhadeff, Sylvester, Kellogg, Bulla, Schreiber, Lebere, Miglio, Gorder, Green, Burch, Casper, Jay, Schenbeck, Schenbeck, Miyanouchi, Zeigler, Pinero, Oesterle, Torpleins, Carpentieri, Armstrong, Creech, Cusic, Malone, Garfrerick, Chappell, Butler, Gaber, Elton, Mager, Meitin, Walker, Sullivan, Kauffman, Zager, Walker, Evoskevick, Nelson, Baskervill, Wangler, Fitterman-Radbill, Ditzel, Kopplin, Hawkins, Perla, Herzig, Ronkin, Hays, Hicks, Slay, Wilgis Rolston, Hatschek, Gloor, Ohara, Marchesani, Christensen, Leach, Mulraine, Wald, Zamanski, Sterling, Adams, Bordenkircher, Reynolds, Brabec, Channell, Van Wagner, Sanchez ,Strasser, Wiliams, Preston, Marsh, Murciano, Haines

The meeting was called to order by Kellogg at 1:05 pm.

President’s Report (Kellogg)
Kellogg welcomed the general membership to the 2011 International MEIEA conference.  He recognized CelebrityAccess as the official sponsor of the MEIEA luncheon. 

Approval of the Minutes

    Motion to approve minutes as presented:  Hicks
    Second:  Guillermo
    Passed:   Unanimous
    Opposed:  None

Treasurer’s Report (Bulla)

Bulla discussed the financial position of the organization. (See Appendix A & B)

Bulla briefly discussed conference attendance.  Reviewed expense breakdown.
Bulla reviewed an operations analysis report of MEIEA and MEISA cost of operations. (See Appendix B)

A question about the profitability between the college-based model versus the hotel model was discussed.  It’s about the same, but we did need to cut back on a lunch and raise rates to do so.

Motion to approve treasurer report:  Schaumberg
    Second:  Haines
    Passed:   Unanimous
    Opposed:  None

Membership Report (Elton) See Appendix C

     312 Active and Expired Members – continue to increase year over year
Elton reviewed the institutional member statistics as posted on the website and included it in Appendix C.

Motion to approve membership report:  Schenbeck
    Second:  Meitin
    Passed:   Unanimous
    Opposed:  None

Vice-President’s/Election Report (Hicks)

Hicks acknowledged incoming and outgoing board members.  Kellogg sought feedback about the election cycle changing to October through November.  No objections were made – election cycle will continue as last year. 

This year's positions up for election:

•    President
•    Vice President
•    Director of Membership
•    4 general Board Positions

    Outgoing Board
        President: John Kellogg
        Director of Membership: Serona Elton-University of Miami
        General Board: Daniel Wujick-North Alabama State University
    2010-12 elected Board members
        President: No Nominations Excepted
        Vice President: Rush Hicks
        Director of Membership: Kristel Kemmerer
        General Board
1.    Herzig
2.    Hatschek
3.    Burch
4.    Chappell
Hicks opened the floor for Presidential candidates for election – Kopplin put forth Elton as a nominee – she accepted.  A vote was put for to the general membership to elect Serona Elton as president.  The result of the election is as follows:

    For:  Unanimous
    Oppose:  None

Serona Elton, University of Miami, was elected President of MEIEA

Hicks acknowledged John Kellogg for his service on MEIEA and presented a plaque in his honor.

Journal Report & Research Stipends (Ronkin)

Ronkin discussed the MEIEA journal’s addition to Gale Distribution and its addition to the EBSCO database.  He also mentioned the journal’s addition to Cabells Journal listing.    He also mentioned that the acceptance rate of the journal is about 50%.  A question about which category in Cabells was raised.

Haines discussed the eZine and it’s ongoing development.  He also put a call out for submissions.

Deadline for the next journal will be at the end of May

Ronkin introduced the research grant recipients for 2010.

David Schreiber:  Strategic Decision Making in music industry SMEs
Ainslee Harris: 

Ronkin discussed research grant proposals and the process of involvement.  Encouraged submissions and to check the website in a couple of weeks for details.

    Deadline: Priority Consideration – Early September, 2011

Strategic Initiatives

Ronkin spoke to the membership about the future direction of the organization.  He shared the desire for the board to live to its mission, take into consideration the ongoing feedback from both faculty and students and the desire to move ahead by serving its membership to the best that they can.  Faculty come to our yearly conference to network with other educators and come as researchers to share and disseminate knowledge.  He discussed the board’s desire to foster these initiatives and live closer to MEIEA’s mission statement.

Students come to the conference on a different path desiring to enter the industry.  When we plan next year’s conference we want to meet those needs despite the challenge.  He mentioned that 32 papers were submitted and only 14 could be accepted due to the time constraints at this year’s conference.  Ronkin also shared that we are only reaching a small number of MEISA members and would like to reach the larger population by allowing them to put forth regional conferences.

Alhadeff shared his thoughts about having the student body create a social interaction site.  Van Wagner also reiterated the students concern to have a central body to communicate.  Elton mentioned that they have a Facebook tool to do so.  Elton clarified that trying to create an event to meet the needs of both constituencies by offering a national MEIEA conference with regional MEISA events.   This model will allow the students to be more involved and take ownership of MEISA and the regional conferences.  Kellogg shared his conversation with Passman about who he is speaking to and wanted to emphasize the challenges of targeting appropriately.  Rolston emphasized that we need to continue providing opportunities to those students if we decide to look at different models for the conference.   Wujcik shared his experience that students are not necessarily here to learn and that focusing on the educators is the way to go.  Alhadeff questioned how the incoming MEISA national board would manage the regional events.  The discussion continued around the growth and size of the conference and how it has gotten too large for people to want to take on. Preston asked about whether we have surveyed the students and how they fell about it.  Bulla shared with the membership that MEISA approached the board a few years back wanting to separate.  Strasser asked whether the students drive the profitability of the conference.  Bulla clarified that we are better off financially separating them.  Slay shared her desire of the current model logistically and that we should work to our unique qualities of being a music and entertainment industry educators organization.  Gordor shared his thoughts about keeping the conference to an industry epicenter.  He is much more drawn to an event with industry leaders and not just an academic-centered calendar.  Elton clarified with the membership that this current situation is not doable.  We need the help of an institution, need to scale it back, anecdotal evidence and surveys that have been conducted support this.  Two tracks for a conference tailored towards MEISA and MEIEA makes the work-load too difficult, even for the board.  She also shared that MEISA will likely be on board with this.  Students will program for what they want, which is what they want to see in their conferences anyway.  She reiterated once again that we HAVE to do it.  Kellogg mentioned that it would follow a summit model and ask the membership to support us in this endeavor.

NEW Business

CMS is holding a summit in conjunction with the NAMM show.

Motion to approve membership report:  Guilleromo
    Second:  Haines
    Passed:   Unanimous
    Opposed:  None

The meeting was adjourned at 2:04 pm.

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