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Saturday, March 22 2014
MEIEA General Meeting
DoubleTree Hotel, Nashville, TN

Present:  Rothschild, Sylvester, Ronkin, O’Hara, Hatschek, Fowler, Baskerville, Waller, Gorder, Miglio, Hays, Keen, Bloss-Baum, Anderson, Malone, Garfrerick, Haines, Simson, Young, Brabec O’Brien, Kemmerer, Bulla, Schreiber, Linden, Herrera, Knisely, Carpentieri, Neson, Crawford, Wangler, Wujick, Armstrong, Ford, Gaber, Lindstrõm, Sinkovich, Walters, Brindisi, Manghisr, Envegs,Bjälésvö, Wandjo, Channell, Kiser, Allman, Smith, Preston, White, Davis, Shaomian, Redmond, Plumb, Sanchez, Quinzi, Willey, Maddox, Schwartz, Merida, Slay-Carr, Rolston, Guthrie, Linden, Sanchez-Samper,

The meeting was called to order by Elton at 1:17 pm.

President’s Report (Elton)
Elton welcomed the general membership to the 2014 MEIEA Educator Summit. She stated that the organization is strong and continues to grow.

She recognized our current sponsors, which include:

1. Music Business Association

Treasurer’s Report (Schreiber)

Schreiber discussed the financial position of the organization.

Schreiber briefly discussed conference attendance and reviewed the expenses. 

He also followed up on last year’s charge to investigate investment options for the money in the bank.  The only safe options at the moment, without high risk of our cash assets includes money market accounts and CDs.  The return would be .03% with a return of about $12 for a $50,000 investment over a 1-year period.

Membership Report (Kemmerer)

 73 - Individual
138 – Institution
11 - Pending
222 total members, up 11 over last year.
Kemmerer mentioned that we have a lot of nice perks for our members including research grant awards, discounts, among others, which equates to a good value for the cost.  She reminded the membership of the billing cycle.

Kemmerer reviewed the institutional member statistics as posted on the website.

Kemmerer also reviewed the MEIEA history project, the reason why we decided to pursue it and the current progress.  Our office manager is scanning and archiving the material with the end result of a searchable database.  A chronology of where the summits have been since 1988.  She also reviewed some of the archived material. 

Website Report (Bulla)

Bulla briefly reviewed our new membership management tool and discussed how we capture data from institutions, which is now separate from the application process.  He reviewed the current information that was collected in 2013.  He mentioned a 50% response rate and reviewed those who have not yet updated.  If last year’s data is needed, Bulla mentioned that if you send a note to webmaster@meiea.org, he will send you what was imputed.

Vice-President’s/Election Report (Gloor)

Hicks discussed the 2013 election results for the 2014-2016 MEIEA Board.

This year's positions up for election:

•    Secretary
•    Treasurer
•    4 general Board Positions

    2010-12 elected Board members
        Secretary: No nominations put forth
        Treasurer: Jennifer Fowler
        General Board
1.    Garfrerick
2.    Simson
3.    Armstrong

Journal Report (Ronkin)

The 2013 issue of the MEIEA Journal – Volume 13 - was published in December.  This year’s journal had a 41.7% acceptance rate, increased over 56% in 2012.  Continues to include a mix of papers, historical perspectives and cultural research. It also continues to have sufficient volunteers on the review committee.  He will be putting a call out for submissions for this year’s journal, deadline to be in June.  He put a call out for those interested in becoming reviewers to contact him.  He also reported on progress of distribution, including RILM, which needed abstracts from the beginning of publication in 2000.  Hatcheck and Elton worked on the writing of 50 abstracts with their graduate students.  He feels confident that this will be a big step forward the electronic distribution of the journal. Three electronic full-text services are now distributing the Journal: Gale Cengage (Academic One File), Proquest, EBSCO (soon to be included).
Serona also acknowledged Bruce’s hard work on the journal as well as the paper sessions.

Research Stipends (Linden)

Linden thanked the reviewers for their hard work in reviewing the applications.  The 2013 Research grant deadline was November 30th, five applications were received and two were accepted for a total of $6,000 being awarded.  Linden was pleased with the quick turn around from the reviewers in December with announcements to applicants in January.  He has developed a grading rubric for submissions, which he then tabulates averages and makes recommendations to the committee for acceptance.

1.    David Schreiber – The Role of Strategic Sexual Performance in the Music Industry, Belmont University

2.    Janee Burkhalter (Lead, David Allan and Natalie Wood - St. Joseph’s University – Shopable Music Videos: Smash Hit or Big Miss for Artist

$500 for travel to present their findings is also part of the award, more for international awards.

MEISA Research (Elton)

Support student activities, faculty apply for this, not students.  She reviewed the grant application online,
Butler University and Appalachian State were awarded grants this year for a CD projects and were awarded to help their students.

Institutional Member: $1000
Individual Max: $500

Social Media Update (Elton)

LinkedIn:  Total members in main group = 91(up from 83 in Fall 2013).  Elton reports that conversations remain difficult to sustain, but likes the progress being made.

Facebook: Group Members:  45 (up from 38 Fall 2013)

YouTube:  Subscribers:  19 – Elton discussed our YouTube channel and mentioned that we have limited video, but reiterated that in order for us to capture this, it would likely increase our summit costs by 100%.  Elton has searched material from around YouTube and has posted and linked it to our channel.  Legitimate events, documentaries etc… and other channels that have a ton of content, Music Coalition, MIDEM, Artist House Music, etc… 

She reminded our members of our discounts available to them including Billboard, Billboard events, Nashville Songwriting, etc…

Elton also recognized the outgoing board members:
1.    Catherine Radbill
2.    David Schreiber
3.    Ken Ashdown
4.    Alajandro Sanchez-Sampar

Elton announced the location of next year’s summit in Austin, TX (the membership seemed pleased).  Dates are yet to be determined and mentioned that we will be polling the membership over when they prefer to have it next year.

Other Business

Cheryl Slay-Carr inquired about whether the research-grant process is a blind review one.  She also inquired whether the election process might be better suited for in-person.  Elton, Bulla and Kemmerer, explained why the organization went to online voting over real time voting.   It allows newly elected board members to participate in the spring meeting before arriving.  Slay was concerned that you aren’t always certain of who you are voting for, therefore the participation of it might reflect that.  If nominees discuss why they want it in person. 

She is also concerned about how transparent the online voting process is.  She is seeking oversight into the process.  She also reiterated that the board was doing a good job, but is certainly worth a re-evaluation.

Simson also commented that if it is in person, would it increase attendance to the summit?  This past election saw 54 people vote, which is 27% of the membership.  Rolston felt that we have 50% here today, that in-person would have a better ‘turn-out’ rate.  Kemmerer discussed the implementation process and that the cycle wasn’t working effectively in the past.  Elton felt like there are certainly ways to be more transparent – third parties could verify the process.  It also enables 100% of the membership to vote. 
Phillip Rothschild made comments about journal citation impact factors.  He also wanted a reminder about MEISA, what happened and how it was handled.  Elton reviewed the ‘meisa.org’ website and reiterated that if student organizations what to use MEISA, they certainty can, it is at the discretion of each organization.  The website states this.  They can set dues at what they want, and keep all the funds.  They can also seek sponsorship if they desire. Kemmerer also reiterated that students can come to the summit and attend as a MEIEA member if they choose.  Simson asked about whether we could have a student rate.  Elton affirmed that we dissolved that option due to discouragement of their attendance

Rothchild inquired about possibly capturing video for the Keynote only.  Elton commented that often they may not want to be capture, may inhibit their discussion.  Great idea, but in practice it becomes a challenge.

Wiley mentioned a possible fall event including webinars or other sessions.  Elton mentioned that we have tried those ideas, but issues of human resources and someone organizing it continue to be an issue.

Hatcheck would like to see past grant awards or applicants posted online.  He would also like to be able to sharing contact information from other members.  Bulla and Elton mentioned we can already do that with our management system.  Elton said she may post something on LinkedIn on how to do it.

Don Gorder shared that a full-time faculty position has just opened at Berklee.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:35 pm.

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