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Friday, March 22, 2013
General MEIEA Meeting
Monteleone Hotel

Present: General Membership Luncheon

President’s Report (Elton)

Elton reported on the healthy state of the organization and shared the ongoing sponsors of the organization, IFPI, RIAA, NARM and Belmont.  She also discussed ‘member connections’ on Facebook and LinkedIn and encouraged dialogue within them.

Elton also recognized the outgoing board members for their hard work and dedication throughout their tenure.

Rush Hicks – Outgoing Vice President
Rebecca Chappell – Outgoing general board member
Keith Hatschek – Outgoing general board member
Monica Herzig – Outgoing genera board member

Vice President’s Report (Hicks)

Hicks reviewed the election results from fall 2012 and welcomed the newly elected board.  Congratulations!!

Serona Elton (President)
Storm Gloor (Vice President)
Kristel Kemmerer (Director of Membership)

Kim Wangler – Appalachian State University
Paul Linden – Mississippi
Jennifer Fowler – Belmont University
John Kellogg – Berklee College of Music
Ken Ashdown – Vancouver (1-year term)

Treasurer’s Report (Schreiber) (See appendix A)

Motion to approve treasurer’s report: Gloor
Second: Armstrong
    Passed: Unanimous

Membership Report (Kemmerer) (See appendix D)

Current Membership:
•    MEIEA Member (Current) - 210
•    MEIEA Member (Expired) – 190
•    INSTITUTION: (Expired)  - 19

Kemmerer discussed the status of the membership and current trends, especially regarding international and institutional memberships.  Australia, England, Spain, Sweden and others are now representing us.  

Webmaster Report (Bulla)

Bulla went through and discussed the new membership management tool – Wild Apricot.  He discussed an email being and sent and instructions on how to handle renewal.  

Journal Report (Ronkin)

The 2012 MEIEA Journal was distributed in December 2012 and was successful yet again.  Ronkin solicited submissions for the 2013 journals from the membership.  He reiterated that it is available on the MEIEA website in addition to the hard copy that each person is mailed.  Ronkin also pushed the research grants and the monies available to the members.  In addition he asked the membership for Journal reviewer volunteers as well as research grant reviewers.

MEIEA Discounts  (Elton)

Academic Charts online was negotiated for institutional members and libraries affiliated with those schools.  They were to be at the summit for presentation, but pulled out on the last minute.  Music Metric representative Anita briefed the membership about the company and for those interested in knowing more, to come see her in Royal Salon A. Discount providers include Billboard, Topspin and Musicjobs.

MEIEA History Project

Elton is proposing a MEIEA history project.  This could easily turn into a publishable research project and/or presentation.  A broad call will go out to the general membership.  Schreiber proposed offering a research grant for those interested.  The board agreed.  We will proceed with this.

New Business

Peter Alhadeff promoted the Berklee Music Business Journal at www.thembj.org.

***Meeting Adjourned – 1:58 pm***

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