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Saturday, March 31 2012
MEIEA General Meeting
Sheraton Universal Hotel, Universal City, CA

Present:  Wujcik, Sylvester, Kellogg, Bulla, Schreiber, Burch, Schenbeck, Schenbeck, Armstrong, Chappell, Butler, Gaber, Elton, Mager, Meitin, Nelson, Baskerville, Wangler, Radbill, Perla, Herzig, Ronkin, Hicks, Slay, Hatschek, Gloor, O’hara, Wald, Channell, Van Wagner, Sanchez ,Strasser, Haines, Gooduch, Van Wagner, Millar, Potechek, Kimpet, Hawkins, Tucker, Young, Miglio, Johnson, Young, Randle, Reynolds, Butler, Gross, Ashdown, Perla, Forger, Preston, Brindis, Piechooinda, McClowry, Linden, Spellman, Johnson, waller, Zegar, Kimbrough, Weary, Dean, Nelson, Carpentieri, Knisely, Schulman, Amaya, QuinziOBrien, Fowler, Kemmerer, Murciano, Marsh, Sanchez, Soocher,

The meeting was called to order by Elton at 1:17 pm.

Approval of the Minutes

    Motion to approve minutes as presented:  Kemmerer
    Second:  Armstrong
    Passed:   Unanimous
    Opposed:  None

President’s Report (Elton)
Elton welcomed the general membership to the 2012 MEIEA Educator Summit. She stated that the organization is strong and continues to grow.

She recognized our current sponsors, which include:


Elton announced the location of the 2013 MEIEA Summit in New Orleans, LA on March 22 and 23.

Elton also recognized the outgoing board members:

1.    Wesley Bulla
2.    David Schreiber
3.    Brian Gaber
4.    Dave Kopplin

Elton encouraged the membership to join our LinkedIn Group.  Tim Baskerville mentioned that he is still waiting for approval – Schreiber will look into this.  Elton mentioned that we would make sure that gets done quickly.

Treasurer’s Report (Bulla)

Bulla discussed the financial position of the organization. (See Appendix AG pdf download 70 kb )

Bulla briefly discussed conference attendance and reviewed the expenses.
Motion to approve treasurer report:  Schenbeck
    Second:  Johnson
    Passed:   Unanimous
    Opposed:  None

Membership Report (Kemmerer)

 78 - individual
128 - institution.
198 total members, up from 187– continue to increase year over year
Kemmerer mentioned that we have a lot of nice perks for our members including research grant awards, discounts, among others, which equates to a good value for the cost.  She reminded the membership of the billing cycle for membership.

Kemmerer reviewed the institutional member statistics as posted on the website.

Butler asked Kemmerer about the details regarding the doctoral programs.  Kemmerer mentioned that 3% of our membership offers a doctoral program.  She mentioned that she got an inquiry about a tiered individual membership and implemented the suggestion.  We implemented a 1, 3, and 5-year membership and discussed the increase in individual dues - the first since 2000.

Kemmerer also mentioned the new Syllabi program that will be implemented.  The platform to do this is called ‘ClassConnect.’  She will send an email to solicit and post accordingly for those who are interested in sharing.

Motion to approve membership report: Mager
    Second:  Fowler
    Passed:   Unanimous
    Opposed:  None

Website Report (Bulla)

Bulla discussed some of the details of the website and mentioned that we have posted up to 100 positions since we started advertising them.  He solicited ‘member news’ and mentioned that the membership should send this information to webmaster@meiea.org.

Vice-President’s/Election Report (Hicks)

Hicks discussed the 2011 election results for the 2012-2014 MEIEA Board.

This year's positions up for election:

•    Secretary
•    Treasurer
•    Director of Student Relations
•    4 general Board Positions

    2010-12 elected Board members

        Secretary: No Nominations Excepted
        Treasurer: David Schreiber
        Director of Student Relations: Cutler Armstrong
        General Board
1.    Gloor
2.    Butler
3.    Radbill
4.    Christensen

Journal Report & Research Stipends (Ronkin)

Ronkin discussed the MEIEA Journal’s 11th edition distribution.  He encouraged everyone to submit an article for publication.  Ronkin mentioned that he will continue to get the journal distributed in as many places as feasible and are a logical fit.  Ronkin also made a call for journal reviewers for the summer.

Ronkin also mentioned that the deadline for consideration in the 2012 MEIEA Journal will be at the end of May.

Ronkin discussed research grant proposals and the process of involvement.  Encouraged submissions and to check the website in a couple of weeks for details.

    Deadline: Priority Consideration – Early September, 2011

MEIEA eZine Messenger (Haines)

Haines discussed the rebranding of the eZine in a blog format.  He mentioned that the call for submissions this year had little response.  The format before was articles and columns, but the new blog format will allow for greater flexibility.  He is encouraging members to send their work, whether topical, or otherwise.  He is looking for an identity and hopes to have some entries in the near future.  He also discussed the hits on the site and mentioned that the e-blast helped to encourage reading.

Other Business

Elton discussed the membership discounts program and mentioned that she is always trying to get more when available.

Elton encouraged involvement by the general membership and mentioned the different ways in which would be most helpful and beneficial, including:
-Reviewer of the Journal
    -Research Grants and Reviewers
    -eZine Articles
    -Paper Presentations
    -Panel participation
    -Committee work

The meeting was adjourned at 1:57 pm.

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