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Saturday, March 29, 2008
MEIEA General Meeting
Five Town College, Farmingdale, New York

Present:  Kemmerer, Schreiber, Wangler, Garfrerick, Bulla, Sanchez, Wujcik, Johnson, Hicks, Lawrence, Kellogg, Ronkin, Baskerville, Leonard, Gloor, Knisely, Rolston, Williams, Weissman, Marchesani, Papadopoulos, Rubel, Zager, Waller, Progis, Stein, Rothschild, Peichocinski, Haines, Zaremski, Armstong, Knisely, Mager, Kellogg, Rowe, Rains, Ashbourne, Salzenstein, Elton, Walker, Tough, Sanchez-Samper, Strasser, Burch, Lewis, Marcone

The meeting was called to order by Sanchez at 8:54 am.

President’s Report (Sanchez)
Organization growth throughout the year has been significant and special.  Sanchez recognized the need for a continuing improvement in the administrative information infrastructure to make processes easier.  It will allow us to work more efficiently as an organization.

Sanchez announced vision of a full time administrator and office.  He would like to see a model similar to that of  IAJE.

Approval of the Minutes
    Motion to approve minutes as presented:  Hicks
    Second:  Wujcik
    Discussion: Question about potential rotation of meetings.  Brief discussion of pros and cons.
    Passed:   Unanimous
    Opposed:  None

Vice-President’s/Election Report (Wangler)
•    75 people voted in elections, 50% of membership.
•    A reaffirmation of the online voting vs. paper ballot was announced. It does a better job of reaching more of the membership.
•    24 people ran for Board positions
This year's positions up for election:

•    President
•    Vice President
•    Director of Membership   
•    4 board positions

Elections will follow similar timeline of previous election.

Concerns were discussed with regard to notification of results; there was no notification for some members.  There may be have been a potential glitch in the email system. Most members received announcements.  Wangler to follow-up.

Treasurer’s Report (Bulla)
    2007 Finance Report (see Appendix A)
Bulla mentioned his appreciation for current and up to date numbers for conference.

Conference profit potential significantly larger then previous years, final numbers to be presented after all expenses are submitted.

Sanchez recognized Bulla for improvement in systems, allowed for up to date numbers.

Membership Report (Garfrerick, Bulla)
(see Appendix B)

Discussed online membership form and the incredible amount of data that it has allowed us to accumulate about membership and schools.

•    57 schools registered
•    14 new members of MEIEA, significant improvement over previous years.
Information gathered is helpful for institutions when designing language for open positions and other administrative support.  Terminal degree language and concerns were brought up; it is not consistent with institutions and depends on the program.  Discussion about doctoral category in form, suggestion was to ask specifically what degree do they hold. 

Discussion about concerns about the data being suspect and gathering it from the wrong people.  The form should be filled out by the institutional representative, which will help to minimize error.  Validity will increase as we collect more data.   

Membership would like a print out of names and contact information of membership.

Journal Report & Research Stipends (Ronkin)

Ronkin discussed research grant proposals and process of involvement.  Encouraged submissions.

    Deadline: Priority Consideration - May 31

    2008 Grants Offered
1.    Senior Faculty Grant
2.    Collaborative Educator and Industry Practitioner Grant
3.    Junior Faculty Grant

Identification of current research grant recipients.

Current Sections of the Journal:
•    Research Papers
•    Pedagogy Section
•    Student Papers
•    Book Reviews

Ronkin Solicited for interest in being Journal reviewers.

Ebsco has agreed to be our institutional distributor.  Four orders from four institutions to date.
Discussion about exploration of different distribution services.

EZine Report (Tough)

Request for EZine submissions by Tough
Review of EZine to membership
•    Call for papers occurs five times per year
•    Published two times per year
•    Non-peer reviewed

Website and Branding Report (Bulla)

Request for potential improvement in process of registration and exposure to other institutions.  How do we reach people that don't automatically know about MEIA? Bulla mentioned that membership can also take the initiative to call on schools that they know have programs and don't know about MEIEA. Long-term plans include automation, which allow for updates of information as needed.  Software is currently out of price range for organization. 

Suggestions for further branding and exposure were discussed, which included:

•    A booth or presence at MENC or other conferences
•    Placing an ad or article in Mix Magazine's "educational listings" edition
•    Adverting national conference in trades or other magazines
•    Creating a one sheet that includes benefits of MEIEA with availability online
•    Booth at NARM or NAMM
•    Ads in performance magazines for touring and production

Billboard ads were effective in branding, as at least one school found out and registered as a result of campaign.  Sosnick questioned effectiveness of ad and may be something to consider for future purchases.

Bulla reviewed links on website for membership.

Call for MEIEA Conference Hosts

Sanchez called for proposals of future conference hosts.  Currently, one proposal for 2010, proposed by Serona Elton at the University of Miami.
A template and/or guidelines for future conference proposals were requested.

2009 Conference Update - (Aldahoff, Johnson)

2009 conference will be adding poster sessions and designating more time for presentations.  They will be depending more on sponsorships as well and focus on quality and industry.

    Conference Date:  March 27-28, 2009

Sosnick requested to bring back advanced registration and discount. It will allow for more accurate numbers and better planning.  A call was also made by Sosnick to encourage members to bring more faculty and students from their home institutions.

Discussion on potential conference content for 2009

Opportunities for Member Involvement

Desire for input on membership for conferences to encourage a more MEIEA centered conference, not just local emphasis.  A call for immediate volunteers to assist in panel preparation was made.  Two slots per day designated for 2009 conference.

Bulla discussed MEISA chapter registration and the institutional membership registration and the discrepancies with them. Currently:

•    60 MEISA Chapters
•    57 MEIEA Chapters
•    30 of those 60 MEISA Chapters have no affiliation with MEIEA

MEISA is a DBA as MEIEA.  There is no separate identity for MEISA.  This brings up liability concerns.

Reminder notices have been sent to those chapters that have claimed membership, but no contact information or affiliation has been registered. 19 out of 60 have registered.  Currently action will result in a cease and desist order if not registered.

Shouldn't an intuitional membership be a requirement for MEISA chapters, not just an advisor that is a MEIEA member?

Motion: Should an Institutional Membership be a requirement for having a MEISA chapter: Marcone
    Second: Armstrong (Butler University)
    Discussion: Discussion about current requirements and motion

        Motion Withdrawn

Ava Lawrence requested to table the issue, as new director of membership she will investigate the issue and report back to the board.


•    Carol Knisley announced trip into Manhattan this evening
•    U Mass Lowell:  Art of Record Production Conference will be held November 14-16 go to www.artofrecordproduction.com for more details
•    Marcone announced his current Management text
•    Berklee Music Business Journal request for submissions.
•    Serona Elton announced "IRLA," Intercollegiate Record Association, go to www.studentrecordlabels.com for more information.

Recognition of Outgoing Board Members:
    Secretary: Kristel Kemmerer (Alvernia College)
    Student Relations:  Dave Kopplin (Cal Poly Pomona)
The meeting was adjourned at 10:58 pm.

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