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General Membership Meeting
Saturday, March 24, 2007
Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona, CA

Present:  R. Chappell (Anderson U), R. Sanchez (U Miami), W. Bulla (Belmont), K. Kemmerer (Albright C), S. Marcone (William Patterson U), B. Sosnick (Five Towns C), C. Knisely (Harrisburg Area CC/York C), B. Ronkin (Northeastern), A. Lawrence (Northeastern U), M. Lewis (Valparaiso), A. Johnson (Berklee C), K. Wangler (Appalachian State), B. Garfrerick (U North Alabama), K. Kellogg (Berklee C), T. Butler (U Memphis), T. Fansler (Dallas Baptist C), R. Strasser (Northeastern), T. Papadopoulos (Victoria U), M. Nelson (C St Rose), P. Freidlander (Cal State Chico), C. Armstrong (Butler U), K. Hatschek (U of Pacific), K. Woelfel (U Colorado Boulder), T. Baskerville (Sherwood Pub), M. Crawford (TN State U), D. Schreiber (Albright C), B. Gaber (Florida State), D. Gorder (Berklee C), J. Snyder (Loyola New Orleans), S. Gloor (U Colorado Denver),  D. Wujcik (Belmont U), G. Mager (U New Haven), J. Malone (U North Alabama), P. Alhadeff (Berklee C), S. Elton (U Miami), T. Piedroncinski (Indiana State U), R. Hicks (Belmont), A. Williams (U Mass Lowell), J. Hearn (U North Alabama), M. Miller (Cal Poly Pomona) (40)

The meeting was called to order at 9:48 am by Chappell.

Introductions (Chappell)

Secretary Report (Kemmerer)

Motion to approve minutes:  Marcone
    Second:  Sosnick
    Passed:   Unanimous

Treasurer’s Report (Bulla)
    See appendix A
Motion to approve treasures report:  Sosnick
    Second:  Marcone
    Passed:  Unanimous

Membership Report (Wangler)
    76 active members
    5 industry
    49 institution I
    33 institution II
    672 students
    835 total

Announcement that updated online membership forms are forthcoming; please complete as completely as possible for our record accuracy and also for accurate dissemination of information to queries to the main office.

Vice-President’s Report (Sanchez)
Largest slate of candidates and highest percentage of voters in history of association.
Overview of election results; introduction of new and returning board members:
    President:  Sanchez*
    VP:  Wangler*
    Treasurer:  Bulla
    Secretary:  Kemmerer
    Dir. Student Relations:  Kopplin
    Dir. Membership:  Garfrerick
    Journal Editor:  Ronkin
    Ezine Editor:  Tough

*newly elected
**elected to a one-year appointment filling vacant seats
President’s Report (Chappell)

Yearly recap:  New administrative assistant is Suzanne Clement; meiea sponsored/partnered with several conferences and trade organizations inc. Brevard, Inside the Music Business, Leadership Music Digital Summit, NASM, NARAS Summit, MENC, NAMM.
Interest in pursuing another NARAS Summit in fall 2007; more information is forthcoming.

We had four regional conferences in fall 2006.  All were outstanding and all are encouraged to work with their students to develop a regional conference proposal for their institution.

Branding Committee Report (Bulla)

Overview of branding initiatives inc. ads in Billboard ads, MENC Journal, Variety Online, membership plaques, and redesigned website.

Presentation of graduated sponsorship opportunities, linked to “Why Support MEIEA” on website.   If anyone wants to sponsor please contact the office at office@meiea.org

Question whether it is time to appoint a marketing director, since one of our current primary objectives is visibility through marketing and branding initiative.  Discussion that right now our branding initiatives are manageable from within.

Question about what we are planning to do with the “extra” money borne from the increased marketing and branding campaign.  Discussion that we are not as solvent as most believe, compared to other associations; funds that currently exist are the result of 30 years of not spending, not any initiative toward building revenue.

Research Grants (Ronkin)

Research grants launched 2006; three categories:  junior facultyn($1500), senior faculty ($2000), and practitioner/faculty grant. 
J. Kellogg awarded junior faculty grant.  Next junior faculty grant deadline June 15.
Senior faculty grant received no applications so the deadline has been extended to June 15.
Information for application on website.

Call for MEIEA Conference hosts 2009, 2010, 2011 (Chappell)
    2008:  Five Towns College

2008 MEIEA Conference in Five Towns College, Dix Hills, NY (Sosnick)
    March 28 – 29, 2008
    Campus will be closed so we have complete access to all campus facilities.
    As part of branding charge, looking to partner with other institutions.
New Business

Submission by S. Marcone:

“Respectfully submit that the MEIEA/MEISA conferences be held on a rotating basis beginning in fall 2009 as follows:
    2009:  anywhere except Nashville, LA, NYC metro
    2010:  Nashville
    2011: LA
    2012:  NYC metro
    2013:  anywhere except Nashville, LA, NYC metro
    2014:  Nashville
    2015:  LA
    2016:  NYC metro
(Essentially a four-year rotating basis of three years in centers with industry:  NYC, LA, Nashville, fourth year anywhere else.)

Respectfully submitted,
Steve Marcone
William Patterson University of New Jersey”

Discussion that this may exclude schools from hosting that are not in one of those hotspots.  On the other hand, it may be a recruiting tool to be able to predict where the conference will be in ‘x’ number of years; allows for regional ‘centers’.  May be more important to build relevance for attendance at association rather that attendance based on geographical location.  May necessitate rise on conference fees to accommodate regular rotation.  Perhaps partnering with another, existing conference is something to explore.  Board will consider and bring back to general membership.

Announcements (all)
    Kudos to B. Chappell for excellence as a two-term president.
    Speaker’s/Consultant Bureau is available as a resource for all members; link is on website
    Marcone:  new book is available
    Wangler: Concern was raised regarding CMS recognizing Music Business as a track within their
              organization. Wangler asked anyone working or presenting at CMS to collaborate in an effort to      
              raise awareness of this degree track.

Motion to adjourn meeting:  Marcone
Second:  Wangler
Passed:  Unanimous

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 am.

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