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General Membership Meeting
Saturday, March 25, 2006
University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA

Present:  Kemmerer (Albright C.), Sanchez (U. Miami), Wangler (Appalachia S), Weissman (U. Oregon), Armstrong (Butler U), Lewis (Valparaiso U), Gaber (Florida State U), Williams (U. Mass. Lowell), Hearn (McNally Smith C), Michele Murray (Anderson U), Mark Murray (Anderson U), Kellogg (U of Colorado Denver), Kopplin (Cal Poly Pomona), Piechocina (Indiana State U), Strasser (Northeastern U), Friedlander (Cal State Chico), Knisely (Harrisburg Area Community C/York College), Elliott (Belmont), Akins (MTSU), Garfrerick (U North Alabama), Haseleu (MTSU), Hatchek (U of Pacific), Rubel (Millikin), Ronkin (Northeastern U), Butler (U Memphis), Fansler (Dallas Baptist U), Gorder (Berklee C), Almadoff (Berklee C), Sosnick (Five Towns C), Hays (Elmhurst), Wehr (Wehr Music), Tough (U North Alabama), Chappell (Anderson U)

The meeting was called to order at 9:10 AM by Chappell.

    Motion to approve minutes Wangler; second Fansler

President’s Report (Chappell)
    Activity since the last conference:
o Moved headquarters to Belmont University (Nashville)
o Development and distribution of resource CD
o Registration of organization in Tennessee (formerly in LA)
o Trademarking of meiea name
o Development of task assignments, based on general membership survey results (see below)
o New advisory board members:  Jim Van Hook, Hunter Williams, Todd Brabeck
o Two 1-year appointments in executive board, one due to a resignation and one because no one was nominated; Kemmerer was appointed Acting Secretary and Sanchez was appointed Acting Vice-President
Call for Conference Host 2008, 2009, 2010

2007 Conference Report (Kopplin)
o March 23 – 24, Cal Poly Pomona/Los Angeles area

Treasurer’s Report (Bulla)
o See Appendix A

Member Survey from fall 2005, see Appendix B
 Member survey resulted in development of:
o Faculty Research Awards
o Branding Initiatives
o Curriculum Focused Initiatives
o On-Line Voting
Anonymity of survey respondents assured.

Election Procedures and Results (Sanchez)
o Anonymity of voting results assured
o Recipients of follow-up no-vote survey also anonymous
o As a result of two appointments, there is a total of three general board vacancies; resolution made that runners-up to elections moved to fill those vacant Board positions
o Results of spring 2006 voting revealed:

2006-2007 meiea board:
    1President:  R. Chappell
    1Acting Vice-President:  R. Sanchez (one year appt)
    Treasurer:  W. Bulla
    Acting Secretary:  K. Kemmerer (one year appt)
    Director of Student Relations:  D. Kopplin
    1Director of Membership:  K. Wangler
    Director of Journal:  B. Ronkin (on-going appt)
    Austral-Asian Liaison:  T. Papadopoulis
    European Liaison:  P. Saxe
    General Board Members:
        J. Kellogg
        1T. Butler
        1T. Fansler
        R. Strasser
        E. M. Harrington
        1R. Garfrerick (one year appt)
        1D. Tough (one year appt)
        R. Hicks (one year appt)2

1term expires spring 2007
2substitute for K. Kemmerer (one year appt) as Acting Secretary

Research Stipend Awards (Lewis)
o See Appendix C
o Question: how to make donations “in memory of” or “in honor of” to augment research stipends; will be considered by Board and information made available

New Business
o D. Weissman: 
    Concern for national/international awareness and recruitment
    Concern that conference panel discussions/speakers are repetitive and lack diversity; suggestion that we investigate combining resources with NARAS; suggestion that we vary our geographic location for conferences to utilize the unique resources in different areas
o K. Wangler:
    Development of a education resource file (ex. syllabi, curriculum development ideas, etc) that will be linked to website
o B. Sosnick:
    Acknowledge service of M. Lewis for dedication as Director of Student Services

Motion to adjourn meeting made by Kopplin; second by Knisely.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:10 am by Chappell.

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