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General Membership Meeting
Saturday, April 2, 2005
University of Miami, Miami, FL

Members present: Knisely (Harrisburg Area Community College/York College of PA); Cutler Armstrong (Butler University); Ken Cheech (Butler University); Kim Wangler (MEIEA Exec. Assistant); Terry Fansler (Dallas Baptist); Phillip Terrell (Alabama State); Progris (Univ. of Miam); Wujcik (Belmont); Rolston (Belmont); Sava Stano (William Patterson); Kemmerer (Albright); Bulla (Belmont); Snyder (Lebanon Valley); Chappell (Anderson); Harrington (Belmont); Strasser (Northeastern); Butler (University of Memphis); Hatscheck (University of the Pacific); Ronkin (Northeastern); Lawrence (Northeastern); Koplin (Cal Poly Pomona); Culla (Cal Poly Pomona); Burdick (Millikin); Rubel (Milliken); Decker (Towson); Baskerville (Sherwood); Perla (Lehigh); Nelson (College of Saint Rose); Johnson (Columbia College); Leonard (Trebas); Hays (Elmhurst)

Chappell, president, called the meeting to order at 4:15 pm

Marcone moved to accept the minutes as presented; Kellogg seconded; Unanimous

1. Chappell: changes to organization in past year

a. Moved office from Loyola to Potsdam, NY, staffed by K. Wangler
b. Two regional conferences –Cal. Poly and Lebanon Valley
c. Fansler and Strasser have been working with NASM to make MEIEA guidelines “fit”; met with S. Hope to work on changes
d. Introduction of Snyder; presentation of expansion of value of organization:
i. e-zine now up and running; available about every two months; request for more submissions from general memberships b. web page –over 2000 hits/month; key information source for potential students; members area on website (password protected). Available: job postings, internships, forum
e. Membership is up to around 700 members

2. Nominations, posted as below:

a. President a. Becky Chappell
b. Vice-President a. Jeff Snyder
c. Director of Membership a. Kim Wangler
d. General Board
a. David Burdick
b. Mark Rubel
c. David Kopplin
d. Ken Creech
e. Tonya Butler
f. Cutter Armstrong
g. Rey Sanchez
h. Terry Fansler
i. Mary Ann Nelson

3. Elections:

a. President –nominations from floor
a. Johnson motion to close nominations for President b. Harrington seconded c. Closed d. Secretary cast vote e. Chappell re-elected as President
b. VP –nominations from the floor
a. Progris motion to close nominations for VP b. Hayes seconded c. Closed d. Secretary cast vote e. Snyder re-elected as VP
c. Director Membership nominations from the floor
a. Johnson motion to close nominations for Director of Membership b. Hayes seconded c. Closed d. Secretary cast vote e. Wangler elected as Director of Membership
e. Presentations general board members nomination:
a. David Burdick, nominated by Mark Rubel b. Mark Rubel, nominated by Phillip Terrel and presented by Burdick c. David Kopplin, nominated by Cora Culla
d. Ken Creech, nominated by Cutter Armstrong i. Withdrew nomination e. Tonya Butler, nominated by Jim Progris f. Cutler Armstrong, nominated by Ken Cheech g. Rey Sanchez, nominated by Jim Progris h. Terry Fansler, nominated by Richard Strasser i. Mary Ann Nelson, nominated Phyllis Johnson
f. General Board elections
a. Request for nominations from the floor
b. Marcone: motion to close nominations 1. Seconded by Sanchez c. List of returning board members and respective institutions announced
d. Nominees left room and votes tallied
e. Newly elected general board members:
  1. Kopplin
  2. Butler
  3. Sanchez
  4. Fansler

3. Announcements

a. Chappell: Acknowledgement of Sanchez for a great 2005 conference
b. Marcone: Instructors manual to Managing Your Band available
c. On behalf of R. Barnet: MTSU flyer info. available
d. Johnson: Interest in putting together a student MEISA booth at MIDEM
e. Chappell: Welcome to Barry Sosnick, new advisory board member
f. Keith Hatcheck –conference host 2006, March 24 –25, 2006, University of Pacific, CA, Discussion of format –single vs. double track, Proposed events: Saturday evening concert, reps from various companies, service work and philanthropy, and more
g. Bulla – confererence should be educator oriented and not necessarily student focused
h. Ronkin –looking for more Journal submissions
The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 pm.

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