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General Membership Meeting
Saturday, April 3, 2004
William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ

Members present: McCain (Western Illinois University), O’Brien (Middle Tennessee State University), Ashbourne (Clark Atlanta University), Fansler (Dallas Baptist University), Nickolson (Chowan College), Lawrence (Northeastern University), Cho (Delgado Community College), Hill (Lebanon Valley College), Bulla (Belmont University), Ronkin (Northeastern University), Schmunk (University of Southern California), McIlvery (University of Southern California), Lewis (Valparaiso Univerisity), Kemmerer (Albright College), Snyder (Lebanon Valley College), Chappell (Anderson University), Johnson (Columbia College Chicago), Terrell (Alabama State University), Segal (CAMI), Wangler (BelCanto Reeds), Strasser (Univ. Mass. Lowell), Hinderlie (Loyola University New Orleans), Krikun (Bergen Community College), Thomas (Georgia State University), Baskerville (Sherwood Publishing Partners), Weissman (University of Colorado, retired), Gorder (Berklee College of Music), Dorenfeld (Berklee College of Music), Nelson (College of St. Rose), Sanchez (University of Miami), Papadopoulos (Victoria University AU), Dassinger (William Paterson University), Murphy (University of the Redlands), Progris (University of Miami), Leonard (Trebas Institute Montreal), Decker (Towson University)

Chappell, president, called the meeting to order at 4:03 pm

O’Brien move to accept minutes as presented Ashbourne seconded Unanimous

  1. President report and overview:
  2. Board overview
a) Year of re-organization for MEIEA
 i) Resignation of Exec. Director last spring
 ii) Redistribution of Board responsibilities
iii) Loyola is maintained as headquarters; Hrycaj is maintained as office assistant
b) Web site update
c) Journal update
d) Stability of membership numbers
e) Stability of finances
f) Regional MEISA conference overview
g) Periodical discounts for MEIEA members
h) MEIEA conference 2005 will be at the University of Miami, April 1 – 2, 2005
i) Acknowledgement of Marcone for successful spring 2004 conference
    Possibility of making a small profit/breaking even in spite of NYC expenses
j) Seeking conference host for 2006

a) Expectations of board members: i) Attendance at meetings; two springs, one fall ii) High level of participation

b) Board re-structured to include: i) Six (6) Executive Board

(1) President (2) Vice-president (3) Secretary (4) Treasurer (5) Director of membership

(6) Director of student relations ii) Eight (8) board members

c) Positions up for election spring 2004: i) Secretary ii) Treasurer

iii) Director of Student Relations iv) Four (4) board positions

3. Elections

d) Director of Student Relations i) Lewis

(1) Motion by Ashbourne to approve Lewis as Dir. Of Student Relations (2) Second by Marcone (3) Unanimous (4) Sec. Cast vote

e) Secretary i) Kemmerer

(1) Motion by Ashbourne to approve Kemmerer as secretary (2) Seconded by Marcone (3) Unanimous (4) Sec. Cast vote

f) Treasurer i) Johnson

(1) Motion by Ashbourne to approve Johnson as treasurer (2) Seconded by Marcone (3) Unanimous (4) Sec. Cast vote

g) Board positions i) nominations

(1) Hinderle (2) Fansler (3) *Strasser (4) Harrington (5) *Bulla (6) Hill (7) Terrel (8) *Ashbourne
(9) Kellog ii) Ashbourne: Motion to close nominations (1) Seconded by Marcone iii) By request: people starred (above) are current board members iv) Discussion of people running

h) Results i) Returning Exec. Board

(1) Chappell, President (2) Snyder, Vice-President
(3) McCain, Director of Membership ii) Newly elected Exec. Board:
(1) Lewis, Director of Student Relations (2) Kemmerer, Secretary
(3) Johnson, Treasurer iii) Returning Board members:
(1) McCain (2) Wangler (3) Cho
(4) Ronkin iv) Newly elected Board members
(1) Kellog (2) Strasser (3) Harrington (4) Bulla

4. Progris on relationship with NARM a) Seeking to broaden relationship with NARM b) Annual trade show – August 2004, San Diego, CA

i) Three competitions ii) deadline extended to April 30 iii) three categories: marketing plan, performance (vocal and instrumental), and songwriting iv) open to all MEIEA members

c) Encouraged all to attend

  1. Introduction of Bill Thomas, recipient of MEIEA award for service to the industry
  2. Introduction of Jen Segal, newly nominated advisory board member
  3. Wangler: introduction of ‘perks’ for MEIEA (discounts on periodicals); info. on web and in hard copy
  4. Sanchez: spoke about Miami conference 2005; seeking input from members
  5. Ronkin: seeking Journal submissions by mid-May for publication in fall 2004 a) Submission information also available on the web
The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 pm.

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