Summit 2016
April 1-2, Washington DC

Session 8: Saturday 8:00
Moderator: Jennifer Fowler

Odie Blackmon
Assistant Professor/Songwriting Concentration Coordinator
Middle Tennessee State University, and
Lecturer in Music, Blair School of Music
Vanderbilt University

Practical Music Theory for Songwriting Students

Reading and writing traditional music notation have become outdated in popular music songwriting. As a professional songwriter working with songwriting students in the classroom, I have found that replacing traditional notation with the “Number System” and visual and playing based instruction allows students to learn at a faster pace and retain more information. Applying playing based methods of teaching theory to songwriting students with instruments in hand fosters greater and more efficient creativity. As a result, mastering music theory is no longer treated as a prerequisite for song creation; the two become interconnected skills, and songwriting students learn as they play.

David Philp
Assistant Professor
William Paterson University

Intermediaries: Necessity, But Not A Necessary Evil

Intermediaries, those people, services, and/or companies that stand between artist and consumer, are a necessary component of the music industry.  There are the obvious ones, such as personal managers, business managers, booking agents, publishers, and record companies.  There are also the not so obvious intermediaries: SoundExchange, Merlin, international agents, independent merchandising contractors, and music business consultants.  The spectrum ranges from the completely professional (Harry Fox Agency) to the somewhat questionable (SonicBids). What happens when the intermediary finds you but not with the best of intentions?

This MEIEA presentation will tell two tales about intermediaries who approached independent artists with hype, vague promises, and requests for large upfront payments.  Lessons for two groups, music industry educators and DIY musicians, will round out these true stories. Through screenshots of email exchanges, quotes from industry professionals, and a mix of images, memes and GIFs, this presentation will inform and also incite further discussion.