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Saturday 2:00-3:00
Academic Papers 12 (Royal Salon D)
Rey Sanchez, Moderator

Income Projections and the Relevance of the Revenue Streams in the Music Industry

(This research is funded in part by a MEIEA Research Grant)

Peter Spang Goodrich
Associate Professor of Management
Providence College

Stan Renard

Special Lecturer in Music Industry, Providence College
Adjunct Faculty in Management, Eastern Connecticut State University
Community String Project, Executive Director
Bohemian Quartet, Founder and General Manager

Gregory Faulk

Area Coordinator for Economics and Finance
Belmont University

    The proposed research intends to understand and explore how artists, publishers and labels are coping with multiple revenue streams in the new digital era. And considering the displacement of each agent within the financial streams chain, are all these revenue streams still relevant and are monies being collected differently as a consequence? With the aforementioned displacement taking place, the authors wish to assess which revenue streams are still relevant and applicable to the music industry.

    The assessment will be conducted from the consumer as well as from the performer, composer/songwriter, and producer side and from the domestic as well as the international perspective.

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