Academic Paper Sessions

Friday 2:00-3:00
Presentation of Academic Papers 4 (Terrace C)
Kristél Kemmerer, Moderator

What’s Up With MXSup’s?

Andrea “Ani” Johnson
Assistant Professor
Berklee College of Music


     Ever wondered who is responsible for finding the uberhip music in hit prime time dramas such as ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy? Week after week, music supervisors pluck artists barely breaking the film of the jellied masses of independent musicians to place them center stage in the American ear. Through these outstanding interviews, gain an understanding of the process that women like Alexandra Patsavas of Chop Shop Music known for her work on Grey’s Anatomy, Andrea von Foerster of Firestarter Music known for her work on Modern Family, and Lindsay Wolfington of Lone Wolf, known for her work on One Tree Hill go through to select music for their shows. Finally, understand how these purveyors of musical cool are not only opening up the music industry to a new type of music discovery, but are also outstanding entrepreneurs generating new revenue streams for independent artists.

Andrea “Ani” Johnson, Assistant Professor of Music Business at Berklee College of Music teaches Music Licensing, Marketing, Management and Record Company Operations. She recently developed master’s curriculum in International Licensing for Global Entertainment Studies at Berklee Valencia. She owns MonoMyth Media, a Music Supervision company in the Boston (Hollywood East) market. Professionally, she consulted for Chris Blackwell at Palm Pictures/Rykodisc and licensed over 30 albums for artists such as Elton John, Parliament-Funkadelic, and Fleetwood Mac. As Accounting Manager for Gloria Estefan, she restructured their financial systems and supervised production budgets, licenses and royalties for their Sony Music venture. She recently published, “Music Supervisors and Synchronization Licensing” in the Music Business Journal, and spoke on Entrepreneurship at MIDEM. Follow Ani at www.twitter.com/recdmavn or http://www.linkedin.com/in/recdmavn.

Unfair Use: The Unique Status of Copyright in Sound Recordings in the U.S. and its Impact on the Progress of Recorded Music

Rey Sanchez
Chair, Department of Music, Media, and Industry;
Associate Professor, Music Business and Entertainment Industries
University of Miami


     Sound Recordings are a unique class of works under copyright law in the U.S. Unlike Musical Works, there is no notion of “idea vs. expression” and the requisite “minimal creativity” in connection Sound Recordings: the copyrightable work results from the mere act of fixation. Consequently and in contrast to the underlying Musical Work, Sound Recordings are unavailable for use as a free and open source of non-copyrightable “ideas” for the creation of new works. Sound Recordings effectively receive more protection than their underlying Musical Works. This author contends that the law as currently written and interpreted continues to have a detrimental effect on the natural, cyclic progression of musical development through the ages: ideas in common, crafted multiple times into similar expressions give rise to styles from which grow genres that continually evolve into new ideas. This presentation will explore the current state of copyright in Sound Recordings in the U.S. and abroad, and propose a more fairly balanced alternative to the status quo; one that encourages new works while respecting the rights of copyright owners.

Rey Sanchez is an educator, producer, songwriter and guitarist. He holds degrees in Music Theory/Composition and Studio Writing & Production from the University of Miami where he chairs the Department of Music, Media and Industry. Rey directs the Bruce Hornsby Creative American Music Program, an inter-disciplinary performing-songwriting program at the Frost School of Music. Rey has worked with EMI Music Publishing, Sony Music, Universal Music and others. He has a series of educational guitar books published by FJH Music Publishing and is a voting member of the Recording Academy. Rey was also the long-time Musical Director for Latin superstar Chayanne.


Kristél Kemmerer is the Chair of Commercial Music at Lamar State College Port Arthur. Her teaching and administrative experience includes stints with several colleges and public school districts in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Most recently, she was Dean of Students at Alvernia University (PA); Acting Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Dean of Students at Albright College (PA); and prior to that was assistant professor of music (music business) at Albright. She is a board member of MEIEA and holds membership in AES, ASCD, and NACADA; has published several articles on music industry curriculum; has been a reviewer for McGraw-Hill, ACPA, MEIEA, and Houghton Mifflin; and has presented at many professional conferences. Her undergraduate and masters degrees are from Ithaca College (NY), teaching certification credits from Kutztown University (PA), audio forensics credit from University of Colorado at Denver, and a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from Lehigh University (PA).

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