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The Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association (MEIEA) no longer maintains the student organization
"MEISA", "MEISA National" and the
"Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association."

Please visit our website at

MEIEA continues to support student development through funding of affiliated institutions and faculty through a
 Student Enrichment Grant ProgramClick here for more information.

"MEISA", "Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association", and the
logo are registered trademarks of the Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association.

If you are interested in using the "MEISA" name for your student association, it is free for use and there are no licensing fees.
However, please be advised that MEIEA has no direct affiliation and has no formal or informal connection with student associations whether or not housed at, or sponsored by, affiliated or non-affiliated
educational institutions or indivdual members of the association.
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